Page 5 - digital magazine 2016
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WE take the time to listen to what you need

•	 We listen to what you need.
•	 Meet with you at your work place to understand your business and gauge the best 	

     cultural fit.
•	 Custom fit the candidate by searching our diverse database.
•	 We conduct face to face interviews… after all it’s all about people.
•	 Short list candidates and skill test to tailor to your spcecific needs.
•	 Carry out reference and police clearance checks for your peace of mind.
•	 Give you our assessment of the candidate to bring their resume to life.
•	 We present the offer and contractual agreements on your behalf and notify the 	

     unsuccessful candidates.
It doesn’t end there... Our relationship with you is important to us. We check in with
you and the candidate regularly to monitor the success of the placement. At the end
of the day we are dealing with people, and occasionally things don’t go according to
plan. If that happens, we won’t leave you out of pocket – it’s why we have our unique
Replacement Guarantee.
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